We supply a large range of products and it 's impossible to list them all so please have a look at our online brochure (Catalogue).

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or fax and we will be happy to talk you through the services and goods that we offer.

Call us now on 0208 330 2221 or email us for a quote!!

If you require help with your design we can help you in this with or own design workshop. Images can be drawn in house and we are happy to talk this through with you. If you wish to supply your own graphics these are the best Formats to send them to us.

We can accept a range of files. The following files are best suited for full colour photos or full colour process images JPG, TIFF and GIF (bitmap) files. All images must have a minimum resolution of 120 dpi.

For Cad Cut work, single or 4 spot colour graphics it is best to send your artwork as EPS or AI (vector) files.

Clients include:
The Bank of England
JP Morgan Chase
St Georges Hospital
Parkside Hospital
Roydon School
Streatham Wells School
Bumble Bees Day Nursery
Leeds Universitry
London Scouts Group
London Borough of Merton Richmond Dance
Rolls Royce Club
Martital Arts Clubs
Groves Glym
London Nigerian RFC
Fire Rescue Service
Base Wine Bar
London Timber
R.S. Builders
Henderson Double Glazing
Hawk Car Alarms and many more satisfied customers


What we do

There are 5 types of processing that we can offer and we are happy to explain and guide you through the best solution for your equipment.

Silk Screen Printing:

Please see more examples in our gallery.

This process is ideal for orders of over 25+ and is priced on the number of colours you want to have printed on the garment.

You can have 1 colour or up to 6 in full colour process graphics/logos printed in this way. This kind of printing you will find in many high street shops as the garments are normally printed on a very high qty. A half tone affect can be obtained by using tinny dots so as to give the image a fadding in out affect.


Please see more examples in our gallery.

Is one of the best and longer lasting ways to promote your Event, School or Company and can be produced in up to 12 Colours. The number of colours in your design does not affect the cost.

A design is priced on the amount of stitches in the graphic/logo.

The larger the design the greater the stitch count. There is normally an origination charge for graphics/logos. This again would be costed on the amount of stitches in your logo.

Digital Computer Printing

Please see more examples in our gallery.

This Process comes into its own when you need a Multi coloured Design printed on a very short run of garments. The process uses transfer paper to produce full colour photographic images or full colour process images to be reproduced onto a light coloured garment. A full colour image can also be applied to dark garments using a similar process which allows you to have 1 garments upwards printed. Names and Numbers can also be added making this ideal for Tour shirts, Hen, Stag parties or just a one of Present. When using this method there are no set up costs.
Heat Transfers

Please see more examples in our gallery.

On larger runs i.e 50, 100, 150+ the digital side of printing can still be utilized in the form of litho prints. These transfers can be applied to any coloured garment and are costed on the overall qty needed and the size of the finished graphic/logo. This process is sometimes chosen over silkscreen printing if the graphic needs to be printed onto a dark garment and is quiet complex or has some very fine detail which would not show up if silkscreen printed.
Cad Cut / Vinyl Printing

Please see more examples in our gallery.

This process uses vinyl to produce one or (two colour, maximum) artwork, numbers, names etc. Names and numbers can be created in a range of colours for stag or hen nights, football tops, running vests and rugby tops. This process does not have any setup costs and is very suitable for low runs from 1 upwards where a one or (two colour, maximum) design needs to be printed quickly.

As you can see from the print methods we have listed there are a great many ways to decorate garments so if you are unsure which best suits you either give us a quick call or drop us an email with your graphic/logo attached and let us know what you are after.